SE1 EP2: Empowering women in STEM – Helena Dodd

In this second episode of the Elevat(Her) Podcast we are joined by Helena Dodd, PhD student in Chemical Biology at Imperial College London, President of the WOMENinSTEM@IC group and Chair of the Women’s Engineering Society University Group Board. 

In this conversation, we discuss how Helena found her passion for Chemical Biology, the barriers she has faced in her journey and the importance of mentoring in STEM. Some of the topics covered include: 

-What makes a good mentor and the role of mentoring in encouraging more women to take part in STEM 

-Studying a STEM subject in a language that is not your mother tongue 

-School’s outreach and how you can get involved 

-Navigating STEM studies and careers as a woman 

Resources mentioned in this episode: 

Become a registered STEM ambassador:  

Big Bang Science Competition:  

Becoming a judge for the Big Bang Science Competition:  

Outreach opportunities: 

Skype a Scientist –  

Letters to a pre-scientist –  

Find out more about Helena’s work: 

Helena’s personal email address: 

Imperial College’s Women in Stem group page:  




Music by Chong @Chong244 :  

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