SE1 EP4: Gender equality and why humour is your best ally -Claudine Schmuck

In this episode, we are joined by Claudine Schmuck, founder of the Gender Scan, which aims to develop indicators on gender balance in STEM across the globe to promote actions towards equal involvement of women and men in STEM jobs.

Some of the topics covered include:

–       How to deal with working in male-dominated environments

–       Why we need to change the way, girls are taught STEM subjects in schools

–       Why humour is the solution 

–       The Gender Scan survey

–       Inter-country differences in women’s participation in STEM

Resources mentioned in this episode:

 The Gender Scan survey: 

Make sure you answer “Elevat(Her)” when asked “Are you answering to this survey following the suggestion of a partner of Gender Scan?”. Thank you!

Find more about Claudine’s work:

Claudine’s LinkedIn page:

The Science Factor Competition: 

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