SE1 EP6: Being a female leader in academia – Dr Beata Wojciak-Stothard (meet our PhD supervisor!)

In this episode we are joined by a very special guest: our PhD supervisor. Dr Beata Wojciak-Stothard is a researcher and lecturer in vascular biology at Imperial College London. Her work focuses on understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying pulmonary hypertension, a rare but severe lung disease. 

Today we discuss how Beata got to build her own group at Imperial, how she managed motherhood and her scientific career, and how she would like to see things evolve for women in the future. 

Topics covered include: 

-Beata’s journey to leading her own lab at Imperial College 

-Juggling motherhood and scientific careers 

-Being a woman in academia 

Find out more about Beata’s work:  

Imperial College webpage:  





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