SE1 EP8: Become the role model you wish you had – Dr Alyssa Gilmore

In this season’s final episode, we are joined by Dr Alyssa Gilmore, who is a postdoctoral research associate and an active member of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion committee at Imperial College London. Alyssa has previously been engaged in the battle for transgender rights in Ireland and continues to promote gender equality both in and outside of academia. Passionate about mentoring and bringing the best out of other people, she believes in becoming the role model you wish you had. 

Topics covered include: 

  • How to optimise your career as a woman in academia 
  • Gender equality, LGBT rights and how to get involved 
  • The importance of mentoring and empowering others 

Find out more about Alyssa’s work: 

Alyssa’s LinkedIn:  

Alyssa’s Imperial profile:  

Papers mentioned about women in research:

LBGT rights in Ireland: 

Irish gender recognition Act: First signed into law on July 15th 2015, with Ireland becoming the 4th country in the world to implement gender based self-declaration. 

(Pre-legislative changes) ‘I Am’ (2014) – Positive Visibility Matters  

 5 years after legislation: Philippa sharing her story, with her wife Helen, in 2020.  

LGBT rights in the UK: 

The Gender Recognition Act: a trans-inclusive feminist approach:  

Trans youth prevented access to puberty blockers:  

UK’s legal recognition of trans people among the very worst in Europe:  

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