SE2 EP1: Developing COvid-19 vaccines – Dr katrina pollock

In the first episode of this second season, we are joined by Dr Katrina Pollock, Senior Clinical Research Fellow in Vaccinology and Honorary Consultant at Imperial College London. Katrina is the clinical Principle Investigator across a wide range of vaccine studies at Imperial, and has been involved in the clinical trials of COVID vaccines over the past year. 

Here, Katrina shares her expertise on how clinical trials are carried out, how the different types of vaccines work, the challenges of considering gender balance in a public health crisis, and her own experience working under high pressure during the COVID pandemic. 

Topics covered include: 

  • Why vaccines are important and how they work 
  • How vaccine clinical trials are designed 
  • Gender- and population-based differences in immune responses 

Find out more about Katrina’s work: 

Katrina’s Imperial profile:  

Some of Katrina’s research papers:

Sex differences in immune responses that underlie COVID-19 disease outcomes (Iwasaki et al, 2020):

The Sex, Gender and COVID-19 Project:

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