SE2 EP3: let’s talk about eating disorders – Dr Omara Naseem

In the third episode of this season, we are joined by Dr Omara Naseem, Specialist Counselling Psychologist with an extensive experience in treating eating disorders (EDs), as well as other mental health conditions including depression, addiction, anxiety and burn-out. After 10 years of working within the NHS, Omara now focuses on treating patients at her private practice in London.  

In today’s episode we discuss what EDs are, how they can be treated, their long-term consequences and some of the taboos associated with them.  

Please note that some of the contents mentioned here may be triggering to some; if you feel like you may be in such a position, please abstain from listening to this episode.  

Topics covered include: 

  • The different types of eating disorders and treatment approaches 
  • Why eating disorders may arise in the first place  
  • The long-term consequences of eating disorders 
  • Some of the taboos around eating disorders and mental health in general 
  • Body image and social media 

Find out more about Omara’s work:    





Resources mentioned in this episode:   

If you care for a loved one suffering from an eating disorder: 

The Maudsley approach to eating disorder treatment:  

BEAT charity:  

BBC Documentary with Freddie Flintoff, Living with Bulimia:








Music by Chong @Chong244 :    


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