SE2 EP4: Medical Herstory: undoing stigma and sexism in Healthcare – Tori Ford

In the fourth episode of this second season, we are joined by Tori Ford, gender health equity advocate, researcher, and entrepreneur on a mission to eliminate sexism, shame, and stigma from health experiences. Tori is the founder and executive director of Medical Herstory, an award-winning, youth-led, international not-for-profit organization advancing gender health equity through storytelling, patient advocacy, medical education, and undoing stigma​. 

In today’s episode, Tori shares her own experience with medical stigma and sexism, and how she built this fantastic organisation. 

Topics covered include:   

  • Sex and gender inequity in healthcare 
  • Why raising your voice is essential to address sexism and stigma in medical care 
  • How Medical Herstory was founded 
  • How to navigate the healthcare system and advocate for your own health 

Find out more about Tori’s work: 

Medical Herstory website:  



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