In today’s episode we are revisiting some highlights from previous guests. We thought it would be great to gather key takeaway messages, both as a way to honour all the incredible women we have had on the podcast so far, and to appreciate some of the amazing tips and thoughts that have been shared.

List of guests and corresponding episodes:

-Sofia Skevofylaka: SE1 EP5
-Alexia and Margot de Broglie: SE1 EP7
-Laura Zalenga: SE1 EP3
-Helena Dodd: SE1 EP2
-Dr Alyssa Gilmore: SE1 EP8
-Dr Beata Wojciak-Stothard: SE1 EP6
-Claudine Schmuck: SE1 EP4
-Dr Alyson J.Mc Gregor: SE1 EP1
-Dr Omara Naseem: SE2 EP3
-Tori Ford: SE2 EP4
-Terry McDougall: SE2 EP2

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