se2 ep9: Improving women’s intimate health – dr chiara heide

In the final episode of this season we are joined by Dr Chiara Heide, founder and CEO of BrightCure, a biotech company developing next-generation microbiome fem-care for women who suffer from urinary tract infections. Chiara holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering, and was the founder of Women in STEM at Imperial College.  

Today we dive into how Chiara came to found BrightCure, her personal experience with urinary tract infections, and what starting your own business really is like. We also touch on some of the taboos around vaginal health and female intimate care, and why increasing awareness about these issues is essential.  

Topics covered include: 

  • Urinary tract infections (UTIs): what they are, how they arise and their current treatments 
  • Entrepreneurship and some tips to start your own business 
  • Female empowerment in science 
  • Finding your path after a PhD 

Find out more about Chiara’s work:   

BrightCure website:  



Chiara’s LinkedIn:  

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