Se3 Ep1: Sexism in marketing: it’s all about Brandsplaining – Jane Cunningham and Philippa Roberts

For the 1st episode of our 3rd season, we are joined by Jane Cunningham and Philippa Roberts, authors of “Brandsplaining: Why Marketing Is (Still) Sexist and How to Fix It” and co-founders of Pretty Little Head, the UK’s leading research consultancy specialising in female audiences. 

After working in the marketing industry for many years, Jane and Philippa realised how sexism has been and is still deeply engrained in marketing, with ads mainly designed through the male lens, telling women how they should and should not be.

In this podcast, we discuss what led Jane and Philippa to write their new book, how marketing has been shaping society’s expectations of women, why marketing is still sexist, and what to do about it.

Topics covered include:  

·       What is brandsplaining?

·       Sexism in past and current marketing strategies

·       The power of female-led brands

·       What can be done to reduce sexism in marketing 

Find out more about Jane and Philippa’s work:   



Philippa’s LinkedIn:

Jane’s LinkedIn:

The book: “Brandsplaining: Why Marketing Is (Still) Sexist and How to Fix It”:

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