SE3 EP2: Leadership in academia – Prof Clare Lloyd

For the second episode of this season, we are joined by Professor Clare Lloyd, Wellcome Senior Fellow in Basic Biomedical Sciences, Professor of Respiratory Immunology, Head of the Division of Respiratory Sciences at the National Heart and Lung Institute, and Vice Dean for Institutional Affairs in the Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College, London. 

After obtaining her bachelors and PhD in Immunology at Kings College London, Clare undertook a post-doc at Guys Hospital in London and Harvard in Boston. She then moved to a Biotech company in the USA for a while, before returning to the UK to take up a Wellcome Senior Fellowship and starting her own lab. Clare’s research now focusses on the mechanisms underlying the pulmonary immune response to inhaled allergens and pathogens.  

In today’s episode, we discuss Clare’s journey as a scientist, the insights into running your own lab as well as the importance of being open to suggestions and changes and why research is not linear.   

Clare’s favourite quote: Sheryl Sandberg “In the future, there will be no female leaders. There will just be leaders” 

Her quote about research: “The lows are very low, but the highs are very high” 

Topics covered include:  

  • The career of a scientist 
  • Why being a PI is the loneliest job in the world 
  • Insight and advice on running your own lab 
  • Being a mother in academia  
  • The importance of celebrating success and having a good network 

Find out more about Clare’s work:   

Imperial Website: 


Her research: 

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