SE3 EP4: The biggest barrier in your life is yourself – Rosie Russell

In this episode we are joined by Rosie Russell, head of environment, health and safety at MeiraGTx, a gene therapy company developing treatments for patients with severe diseases.  

After studying Chemistry and starting her career at the lab bench, Rosie experienced an accident that made her realise the importance of health and safety in a research environment. Rosie moved from working as a scientist to supervising health and safety in various labs, both in the public and private sector. Passionate about solving problems and supporting others, Rosie is also an accomplished mentor and believes in providing everyone with an equal opportunity to fulfil their potential.

Today, we discuss Rosie’s professional and personal journey to where she is now, how she came out as a transgender woman at a time where being transgender was looked down upon, and how she finally found meaning and purpose in her life and career.

Topics covered include: 

·      Finding a career that suits your skills and fulfils you

·      Mental health and the importance of having allies

·      Coming out as a transgender woman and the gender recognition act

·      Why mentoring is key for your career

Find out more about Rosie:  

LinkedIn profile:

LGBT rights in the UK:

Non-binary gender recognition: law and policy:

UK’s legal recognition of trans people among the very worst in Europe:

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