SE3 EP6: Sexual health for everybody – dr julia bailey

In this episode we are joined by Dr Julia Bailey, associate professor in Primary Care at the University College London eHealth Unit, and a specialty doctor in community sexual health  in South East London. 

Julia’s research focuses on the use of internet and mobile phone for sexual health promotion, sexual wellbeing, and how to improve communication between patients and practitioners during sexual health consultations. 

Today, we discuss what sexual health is, the different types of contraception available, their pros and cons, and why reducing stigma around sex and sexuality is key to improve both sexual health and wellbeing for everybody. 

Topics covered include:  

  • Sexual health and wellbeing  
  • The different types of contraception and how to choose one that fits your needs and preferences 
  • How technology can be used to promote sexual health 
  • Why sexual health consultations can be complex, and how to make them easier for both patients and practitioners 

Find out more about Julia’s work:  

Professional profile:  

Contraception Choices website :  

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