SE3 EP7: Achieving positive impact through higher education – Leila Guerra

In this episode we are joined by Leila Guerra, Vice Dean of Education at the Imperial College Business School since March 2018. 

Leila is a trained lawyer and specialised in international relations before she moved into Higher Education. She is passionate about the power of achieving positive impact through business education and global awareness, and has already lived in 8 countries. 

Leila thinks that providing role models and clear opportunities for female students to find their voice and use it is of key importance. 

Today, we discuss Leilas journey to higher education, the changes she noticed in leadership in academia vs other fields, and how to overcome obstacles as a woman by viewing yourself as more than just a number. 

Topics covered include:  

  • How everyone is a leader in many ways 
  • The importance of networks and finding the right contact person 
  • Tips on how to negotiate your salary 
  • Self-reflection and having honest discussions with yourself 

Find out more about Leila’s work:   


In conversation with Cindy Rose

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