se3 ep8: seeing the world through different lenses – tahira resalat

In this final episode, we are joined by Tahira Resalat, CEO and Illustrator of Teecaake, which produces unique designs inspired by strong figures representing values of diversity, inclusivity, confidence and colour.  

Of South Asian origin and having grown up in cities as vibrant as Manchester and Sheffield, now living in London, diversity and representation is extremely important to Tahira. She aims for her art to convey her views and who she is, but above all inspire others. 

Teecaake began as a passion project which slowly developed into an outlet for Tahira’s mental health and struggles with cultural diaspora. 6 years later, the Teecaake brand spans multiple social media platforms, having amassed a following of over 80,000 people. 

Next to Teecaake, Tahira is currently studying Innovation Design Engineering at Imperial College and the Royal College of Art, and hopes to pursue a career in human-centred design. 

Today, we discuss Teecaake and the idea behind it, taking up space and opportunities, and the importance of seeing the world through as many people’s lenses as possible. 

Topics covered include:  

  • Tahira’s journey to feeling secure in her identity  
  • The meaning behind faceless art and how it connects to you 
  • Breaking out of cultural expectations 
  • The idea of duality in all aspects of life  

Find out more about Tahira’s work:   




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